Phd. Lorenzo José Fraile Sauce

Associate Professor

Knowledge Area: Animal Health

Academic Training 

Degree in Veterinary Science. University of Zaragoza. 1992.
Doctor in Veterinary Science. University of Zaragoza. 1996. 

Professional Experience

1993 - 1996 Predoctoral Fellow. University of Zaragoza
1996 - 1997 Clinical Practiser in Swine. Cargill España S.A.
1997 - 2004 Clinical Practiser in Swine. Picber S.A.
2004 - 2010 Researcher (level C) at IRTA
2010 - Associate Professor. University of Lleida


2004 - 2010 Senior Researcher at CReSA (Centre of Research in Animal Health)


Double bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science and Production

Master Degree in Swine Production and Health